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About Us

Tekiō was founded in response to the rising need in the AEC field to implement and establish the BIM method in organizations that want to transition to intelligent project management and needed a Leader with vast experience to make it happen.
At Tekio, we developed a unique service method, based on ISO BIM 19650 and several international standards, that allows our clients to implement the BIM method while maintaining the focus on their own business.

Tekiō was established after many years of accumulated experience in leading BIM and virtual construction implementation in different AEC industry sectors. Our specialization is in establishing BIM processes in organizations involved in the construction industry: entrepreneurs, project management companies, contractors and government offices. Our extensive experience in this field allows our customers to become BIM players in this developing industry that looks forward to virtual construction and digital DATA based projects.

We had a central role in different types of projects: new neighbourhoods, office towers, residential buildings, governmental and mega projects, carried out using the BIG ROOM method and the BIG VIRTUAL BIG ROOM method. Join us and become BIM players. In the current market, you have to remain relevant and up-to-date, while improving in accuracy and profits.

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Our Method

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A unique implementation method that will not take the customer out of focus on his routine activities

Our Objective

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Setting the BIM standard for the construction projects in the Israeli market

Our Vision

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Lead the DATA revolution
to streamline the construction industry 


Fernando Szenkier

Tekio's Founder

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• MSC. Architect with an emphasis on digital construction, expert in the field of BIM for more than a decade

• Managed the BIM field at the Entrepreneurship Division in a leading construction company in Israel

• Managed BIM Teams in several projects and developed management processes for work in BIG ROOM environment

• Contributed to the adoption of ISO BIM 19650 by the Standards Institution of Israel

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