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  1. A process of creating and managing information, aimed at streamlining the planning and execution of a project in the construction field.

  2. A process that allows all parties involved in the project to collaborate using a single source of information that prevents mistakes and misunderstandings.

  3. A process that guides the project in all its stages - from conception to final execution and maintenance.

  4. A process that allows technological control over construction progress, decision making and risk management.

  5. A process that requires proper planning for its implementation.


A common mistake
BIM is not a software but a process or a method. REVIT is one of many software, which implements the BIM method.


Main BIM Roles

01 / BIM Leader

Organizational level

Responsible for BIM implementation in the organization, defines BIM guidelines for their projects, and the relation between them

02 / BIM Manager

Project level

Responsible for the Virtual Construction process for a specific project

03 / BIM Coordinator

Project level

Responsible for project coordination in the Virtual Construction space

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